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 Rouge Road       Sky Catcher       Tornado Alley      Infestation     Road Less Traveled     Varmits










Requirements for playing game:  Look at game size displayed before downloading and note that size will increase with unzipped files.    Refer to your computer information as to size and limits of computer memory storage.  These games were tested on the following machine capabilities:  Processor: AMD E1-1200 APU with Radeon(tim) HD Graphics     






Terms of Agreement


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THE above games are as-is play at your own risk.  THERE IS NO EXPRESS OR IMPLIED WARRANTY AS TO ITS CAPABILITIES OR FITNESS FOR ANY PURPOSE.You agree to hold Carol Powell, Hilltop Apostolic Church and all third party software and entities harmless for any damage that may occur including but not limited to the Following: computer viruses, malfunction, computer error, data loss, and any other problems which may occur.  If you cannot agree to this then you should not download and play the game.



Every attempt has been made to make the game error free but does not guarantee flawless performance


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Please read these in the “Game Info  of  particular game for further information.















Author & Game Programming/Graphics Developer:  Carol Powell

Contact info:

Special Thanks to:


Game built using Game Maker 8.0 by *Mark Overmars


Music provided by Game Maker as listed above

Anim8or Version 0.95 by R/ Steven Glanville © 1999-2007 All Rights Reserved.

3D importer provided by MOSAIC Light 3D OBJ IMPORTER

 (c) 2006. Zoltan Percsich.

All Rights Reserved. 

*Very special thanks to Mark Overmars instruction in the

First Person Shooter tutorial for Gamemaker.


Model Creator for Game Maker (v5.0) - Made by Maarten Baert

(Additional credits in box below)

Model Creator v5 by Maarten Baert is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.0 Belgium License.


GMModelEx for Gamemaker which appears to be by  icuurd12b42

Any others involved please let me know so I can give you the credit you deserve!

Sound effects made with Soundforge 4.0



***Ultimate credit for ability to build this program is a glorified thanks to  my

Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, for without Him I truly could never have figured out how do build this game!***